How To Corona-Proof Your Digital Marketing, (Paid Ads & SEO)

With Ajay Dhunna
Businesses need to minimize the damage Covid-19 may be causing from a digital marketing perspective

Hundreds of businesses world-wide are being closed down
More importantly Thousands of people will lose their jobs

Are you really ready to throw that away, simply because the digital strategies you are using, no longer work during this Covid-19 pandemic we are going through

Have a listen to possible options to consider for your paid ads campaigns such as Google Ads, as well as SEO. We also discuss new opportunities available to businesses.

New opportunities are available to businesses. We just have to think smart, and outside the box, possibly get ourselves out of our comfort zones.

How To Do Quick Keyword Research For Google Ads Using Uber Suggest

With Ajay Dhunna

Keyword Research is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Keyword Research is the process of discovering keywords which people may use to search for products on services on a search engine, such as Google, and its related statistics, which would help drive quality leads, customers, sales to your website.

In this episode we discuss
• What Keyword Research is
• When do use it
• How to use Uber Suggest, which is a tool co-founded by Neil Patel, to conduct your research
• The power of Negative keywords

What Is Google Ads (Formally Adwords)?

With Ajay Dhunna

Would you like to learn what Google Ads is? Google Ads was formally known as Google Adwords up until June 2018.

Maybe you want to start generating more leads for your service based business and want to know how Google Ads can help? Maybe you are not quite sure which channels you should be marketing your business on, and want to get an understanding of what Google Ads really is and how it works.


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